Moustache Wax

Now that I have tried the Lip Rug Moustache Wax tube I decided to try another player in this market – Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax Neutral (although it is spelt Mustache Wax on the tube). This tube of wax is larger than that produced by Lip Rug and it is also […]

Tiger Tiger Moustache Wax

I bought some moustache wax during the week and got it yesterday. It is great stuff.   Lip Rug moustache wax It comes in a tube (exactly the same as lip balm) and is applied directly to the moustache without the need to warm it up or put in on […]

Lip rug Moustache Wax

So. I have decided to try a little moustache wax and create a little style on the upper lip. I bought some nice moustache wax from Captain Fawcett – Booze and Baccy plus Expedition Strength waxes. They are great but I love the tobacco flavour / scent of the Booze […]

Captain Fawcett