Tiger Tiger Moustache Wax

Now that I have tried the Lip Rug Moustache Wax tube I decided to try another player in this market – Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax Neutral (although it is spelt Mustache Wax on the tube). This tube of wax is larger than that produced by Lip Rug and it is also softer to the touch. Being large it is a slight challenge to correctly apply the wax to the upper lip without getting any in your nose or all over your lip. Although it feels very light it has a strong wax feel after you have used your moustache comb to carefully style your moustache. As it is also so large (the tube that is) it does not fit easily into a waistcoat pocket like the Lip Rug tube does. I will continue to test it (mainly when I have a meeting or something as it is a great styling wax.


Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax


Have a great beard day