As mentioned yesterday in my post on Penhaligon’s and the most recent scent I bought I mentioned that I would be talking about a scent I got from Murdocks of London. Well here you go. I bought Black Tea Cologne from them a few months ago. It has a very strong […]

Black Tea Cologne – Murdocks of London

Over the last few months I have started to look at getting some really nice scents and stop using my Hugo Boss (which is still a nice smell). I have gone through a couple of different brands (will talk about them latter in another post) but then I came across […]

Scents – Douro eau de Portugal from Penhaligon’s

Last year I backed a kickstarter project for a beard comb made by Daft – as it was a kickstarter campaign I was able to get the comb personalised (image will be below) with my monogram – The Wanderer. This is my goto comb and I love it. It comes in a […]

Daft combs

I’m currently using Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil as part of my morning routine. Dry my beard with a towel, add one squirt of beard oil into my hand and then apply to my beard starting at the bottom working my way up. It does not have an unpleasant smell and seems […]

Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil

I bought a Kent Beard Brush about a month ago and have been loving the effect it has on taming the beard. With a good balm or oil the brush takes the beard and massages the skin. Very comfortable in the hand and easy to use. Comes in a awesome […]

Kent Beard brush

Over the next few weeks I will be producing some of my own beard oil (for my own use at the moment) and the plan is that it will have a lemon smell but not too sure how it will go with me making it. I have been using beard […]

The Wanderer Beard Oil #1

Welcome all the bearded people (and those that want to have one or love one on someone else). I hope to offer some advice on beard care etc and also to offer insight into my  daily live with my beard. I have had a beard (in one form or another) […]