I went back too ELP Barbershop in Covent Garden to have a trim – they did an awesome job again. Trimmed the beard back a little – I’m liking the new shape and also left the moustache alone – that is coming along nicely. I even had a hair cut […]

New beard cut

So, I went too try the new barbers @elpbarbershop as I’m looking for a replacement to the guys at Murdocks in Covent Garden. Well I can safely say the experience was awesome and the cut came out exactly as I wanted. I will most definitely being going back to use them, […]

The beard after a trim

I have been going to Murdocks of London for a few years now to get my beard trimmed and shaped. Unfortunately the last few sessions have not been as satisfactory as I would have liked (my original barber Ryan has left for Glasgow) and the guys cannot get his cutting […]

Beard reshape and a new barbershop

I went to Murdocks in Covent Garden today for a beard trim (was getting a little long) and I was lucky enough to get Jo P to do the job. He was very good and got me back in shape – beard wise that is. The trim took about 15 […]

Beard trim today

I have just booked with Murdocks for a beard shape next week Friday. Currently my beard is nice and bushy but I need some shape I think. Below is a pre shaping picture and I will upload a after shot next week.     Have a great beard day all. 

Beard shaping next week