I posted previously about a kickstarter project that I backed for beard oil from a company called Beard Lab. The oil arrived today and smells awesome. It is a maple syrup and pancakes scented oil. Will try some tomorrow and see how that smells on the beard.     Have an […]

Beard Lab – Beard Oil

So. I have decided to try a little moustache wax and create a little style on the upper lip. I bought some nice moustache wax from Captain Fawcett – Booze and Baccy plus Expedition Strength waxes. They are great but I love the tobacco flavour / scent of the Booze […]

Captain Fawcett

As everyone has seen over the last few weeks I have been mentioning that I was going for a shape at Murdock London (in Covent Garden). My barber for the night was Ryan (click link for bio) and the experience went well – started off with a free whiskey which is always a […]

Before and after shaping

I have just booked with Murdocks for a beard shape next week Friday. Currently my beard is nice and bushy but I need some shape I think. Below is a pre shaping picture and I will upload a after shot next week.     Have a great beard day all. 

Beard shaping next week

I have created my own Beard Oil. It has some Orange, Lemongrass and Black Pepper in it with the base made with Jojabo oil and Almond oil. It is a lovely citrus smelling blend and I’m very happy with the smell and how it feels in my beard.  I have […]

My own Beard Oil blend

A few months ago I walked into Murdock’s in Covent Garden and decided I needed a proper beard brush. I decided to buy their little (and it is little) beard brush – maybe it should be called a moustache brush instead. It has boar hair bristles – the soft type […]

Beard / Moustache Brush