The Wanderer Beard Oil #1

Well, I decided to try out my The Wanderer Beard Oil #1 for myself and it is actually very nice (slight twist as I ran out of Apricot Oil I used Sweet Almond Oil). It consists of the following ingredients and I like the smell, slightly more woody and not as citrus The Wanderer Beard Oil #3:

The Wanderer Beard Oil #1

Carrier Oils

Jojoba Oil – This oil has been used for years in hair care products. It closely mimics human oil, and is easily absorbed

Sweet Almond Oil – Reduces skin inflammation, which can help prevent ingrown beard hairs.

Essential Oils

Sandalwood (Top Grade) – Rich, decadent woody smell. A staple for masculine products.

Lemon Oil – Strong scent, invigorating

Patchouli Oil – Warm, earthy aroma. Naturally repels insects without chemicals.  Easily absorbed, locks in moisture.

Evening Primrose Oil – Helps cure skin conditions like psoriasis.


Always be careful of the Patchouli Oil – can be very over powering if you use to much.

Have a great beard day people.

The Wanderer